Friday, November 30, 2012

60 degree diamond. -

Well, I guess a 60 degree diamond will make a 6 point star.

I think I remember reading it - but, forgot. So, my star will have 6 points.

Im thinking about doing an orange and yellow diamond pieced filler between the points.

I cut some of them out using a tube cutting method. I'll have to see what happens. I got pretty pissed this afternoon. A call came in from some collection agency saying I owe this bill for cable? I dont watch TV -- and low and behold "Ive" had cable across town for a few months and never paid the bill.

That was sorta the icing on the cake. I have had it for this week. ENOUGH>

Look what I found!

string star quilt

That is a pic of it. I really like this style.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Made some of these -

That messy table produced some good results!

I got tired of making the  blocks and took a 5 hours break -- then got really crazy and make 200 more of them!

I got a Bonnie Hunter book - please visit her website for more scrap quilt pics and books and everything -- --

I love recycled fabrics and scrap quilts and her quilts are crazy with pieces just the way I like!

The quilt Im working on is a variation of her pattern she called sante fe star.

I strip pieced the blocks that I could with long strings - and paper foundation pieced only a few pieces -

My diamonds are also bigger than hers are and Im not going to use the flying geese boarder that she used.

The star in the pic above is only a 6 point star - my final quilt will have 8 points and be 5 blocks long instead of the 3 pictured above.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I quilted so hard the last few weeks - I was brain dead for most of the day.

Then, I got this wild idea to make a tree skirt from leftovers --

Then, All of a sudden my table looked like this - !

And, I was making these

Now - its way past bedtime and Ive got a serious messy house on my hands.

But, honestly - that pile of fabric, soda, my pics of my pets - a sewing machine set up with fabrics and an iron in reach --- and a computer -- Im all set if this is heaven!

Monday, November 26, 2012

How did that quilt?

The fleece quilted fine - no problems. 

Ill wash it and let you know how it goes. 

I woke up George and took a pic of him. Of course now he thinks he needs to go outside. 

Those recycled tee shirt quilt go together well - I really love dots. Quilters dont like the way they finish because they ripple LOTS! Its frustrating to me, too --- but, after they get washed they get so comfortable the ripples dont show up the way they do on pieces quilts.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another idea to use up old fabrics!

2 years ago I bought this "fleece" stuff from the local retail fabric shop - I guess I thought everyone I knew wanted a pair of tree PJ's?

Well, it was on clearance for about 7-% off and cost about .75 cents a yard - so I bought a pile of it and now its going to make the best batting for this quilt!

Use it up!

New Photography --

My friend Scott Brink took some pics of my quilt for me. I really love the way they look. He did a great job. 

This quilt is for sale - The normal price is 275.00 -- but through 12am tomorrow night (Nov 26) it is 50.00 off. 

Im quilting today --

I made two twin quilts that are these colors - I have one quilted and Im hoping to get the other one quilted starting as soon as I post this message.

Im happy with the way both off them came out. I made them a generous size width because I think they are gifts for younger people - and I like to stuff junk under my bed and hide it -- maybe others do too?

Something told George he could just jump right onto the table today?! That lasted as long as it took for me to take a pic.

Im doing the Bonnie K. Hunter "Easy St." mystery quilt!

I wanted to add this link to the post -- visit the Bonnies' website where there is a big section dedicated to people doing this mystery quilt. QuiltVille

I just pulled the fabrics today -

Here are the fabrics Im going to use.

I did not think I was going to have enough prints of each of the colors -- and Im still not sure I like my tones of grey -- they are very close to the whites -- and I dont think thats the goal.

But, for today Im done picking fabrics.

Im working on other projects now. Posts to follow.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday quilt shopping?

I know just the place to buy some quilts! Right here! The Price listed is the regular price - I will Take 50.00 off the price of any of them - and ship for free if bought from 11/22-11/25

That red one is a king size quilt - it is 475.00

The one with the red border is a queen size quilt it is 275.00

The red one is 200 it is a large double.

This is a queen size it is 275.00

This wild one is a king size it is 400.00

This is a queen size 275.00 

The above quilt is a light applique throw - it is 100.00 

I have lots of quilts made and ready to sell!

Now is the time to order one if you want it for Christmas!!

Now is the time!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Piecing blocks!

Im learning how to piece blocks that are all one finished size.

Im a slow learner.

One of the pleasures of making free form quilts is there is no seam allowance, there is no matching - who cares?

Well, Ive made two years of those quilts and needed to move onto a new something.


Im loving doing the work. I like cutting fabric, I love sewing it. I like looking at how the colors come together. Im not so good at coming out with one size blocks when Im done. I just finished making -78 blocks that were supposed to finish at 12 by 12 inches. Most of them finished at 11.5 by 12. So thats fun, right?

Its a PITA to do new things and fail at them. But, its the way of learning. And, I am learning.

Here are some pics of the quilt I am working on i think that it will be a nice quilt when it is finished i want it to be about a queen size - I bought the batting today.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sorta Pineapple quilt -

I got a new accuquilt machine that makes 2.5 inch strips.

Ive been hearing for 2 years how great it is to work with 2.5 inch strips.

So, all day today I cut pieces for a new quilt - I got the pattern from  you can see the pattern for free on the website here - Im crazy in love with Bonnie Hunters quilts and scrap quilting ideas.

Here is my stack of pieces for the quilt --

And here is my test block -

Where she used white blocks Im using red ones - left overs from my last red quilt.

Ive got my whole station set up to do some SERIOUS manufacturing of quilt blocks.

Starting NOW!

One project finished!

There are so many pieces in this quilt top - I really do like it. After it was finished I was pretty torn about the border - I really did not like that it did not finish flat.

Then, I slept on it and decided it was fine.

I did trade a quilt for a new accuquilt - it is really cool to be able to cut quilts pieces evenly.

Today I have been cutting pieces all day. I think the pieces for the next quilt are all cut.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sewing like a crazy person!

I just went through a odd cycle with quilting. For about two weeks I had no ideas - and no desire to quilt. Then, I got this itch to start again and - Ive been quilting like crazy.

I never thought I was going to quilt fussy/fancy looking quilts. And, when my work started to look more polished I was nervous that I was done wanting to quilt. I did not see any styles that I really liked that were finished and fancy - I started quilting loving the work of the Gee's bend quilters.

I do not relate to the modern quilt movement.

So, where was I going with my quilting? I was lost.

One of my friends suggested I look at the scrap quilts on -- I love them! I started looking at more scrap quilt patterns and got really inspired again to start quilting.

I feel like I can go forward and learn more about cutting, and accuracy and keep my fabric style and overall look by making scrap quilts and using those sort of patterns to go crazy with.

So, I started making this quilt with 20 inch blocks made of 100 half square triangles each.

Im crazy and I love it.

The above block is one of the early ones I made in this process -- I have made more pieces three times sense then. I wanted more variety in the blocks.

Friday, November 16, 2012

I have been sewing like crazy!

After the election I started to clean my house - my fabrics had taken over and I needed to clean them out  and re-organize them.

I also started to make a quilt that has so many pieces --

Im so in love with this work in progress -- Im crazy for the tiny pieces and the secondary pattern that the blocks make -- I love love love. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Another real beauty! Barn raising pattern --

I worked this pattern out -- doing light and dark.

Ive not been that good at doing the whole quilt thing of light and dark -- but, this quilt really shows it off.